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Amy and Jens are a beautiful couple as well as incredible parents. When you’re with them, even if only briefly, you can see where they balance one another out, you can see the love for their little boy, each other, and for their life together. At the end of it all, I’m not sure there is much more that matters. Being with them is always a good time, a walk with friends, and a reluctant parting. I’m so thankful that people who are as hardworking and as busy as these two are, are able to remember to take time to document their growing family. Amy is adamant to capture them just as they are: with real, authentic moments that will remind her of Booker’s personality, the fun they have together, and their love for one another. I so greatly enjoy each time I’ve been with the Perrin family and you can bet that I’m always counting on the next time too!

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I met Katie over 6 years ago at a mutual friend New Year’s party. I was due with my second baby at the time and we didn’t get to formally meet. Years later though, we’ve been to many events together with friends, and it was last December at a Christmas party that I ran into Katie again and learned she was due with a little one of her own. I couldn’t believe it and was anxious to see how motherhood might change her, so when she asked me to document her newborn baby boy, I was so happy to spend a few hours with her and see what a wonderful mother she’s become. It’s not everyday that a new mom talks about how fulfilled she after her surprise bundle arrives. Having a newborn baby is hard, especially when you hadn’t planned it, but to watch her look at him and know that he is where he’s meant to be with her, was so amazing to see first hand.

Congratulations Katie, I’m so happy for you and I’m so honored to have documented his newborn days.

Marlyce and Seth had such a great local, intimate wedding with close family and friends in their hometown of Seattle. I spent all night talking with various family members, meeting the staff of 10 Degrees and Oola Distillery, and watching the dance floor cycle through some seriously entertaining couples and fun music. It was a night to remember, that’s for sure! Marlyce and Seth were considerate of every possible need I might’ve had (parking is a serious consideration if you’re going to get around), and were gracious when I gave them a quick dance lesson at the top of the water tower before dashing off to be married. The last photo shows major improvement in their dip kiss. So proud!

Marlyce and Seth, I’m so honored to have met you and documented your engagement and wedding day. Your families are amazing, the kiddos were hilarious, and the food was delicious! Thank you for the wonderful experience – I can’t wait for more! Cheers to you newlyweds!

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