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About Rikki

olypen-386 Ansel Adams said it best, “I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative  excitement in the great world around us.”

Hello! I’m Rikki Rivera. A native Californian currently settled into the Pacific Northwest, with a deep love for the South. I’m an avid reader, passionate about music, and love to work in the garden. I’m a mama to three, in love with my guy for 12 years. I’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business as well as a Master’s in English. I’ve also begun teaching photography and business at my local community college.

I’ve been an artist since a young age with a deep connection to all things creative. It started with sketching, an eye for rolling landscapes, and gatherings with family and friends that eventually grew into a passion for capturing the life and love of others as well.

I was born into a life on the go. We didn’t call it adventure then, it was simply our lifestyle. As a kid, it’s a million times more magical than it seemed to others, but that magic has never left me. You will see these things most in my images; not to exclude a little bit of everything else in my life. I go wherever my inspiration takes me, camera in hand.

With the natural elements around me and the candid moments in front of me, I’m creatively inspired to showcase every fleeting moment. I am wildly passionate and excitedly eager, and if there was ever one thing I was truly meant to do, this is it. After five years in the military turned entrepreneur, I’ve learned that thriving in new environments and getting to know people from all walks of life, truly shapes my creativity and fuels my passion.

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