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Amy, Jens, + Booker | Kirkland Family

I was up with the sunrise to head out to photograph this sweet family. I may not always get up as early as I’d like in the morning, but I jump at any opportunity to do so. So you can imagine what a perfect match it was when Amy told me they’re usually up early too! The early morning light and near empty waterfront park was pure perfection! I haven’t seen Amy since we did her headshot photos for work a few years back, and now that her and Jens are tying the knot, we took advantage of the opportunity to capture them all together.

One of my favorite aspects of the people I get to work with, is seeing how they are as a couple and as a family. Whether you’re together just a few hours or all day, you can learn so much about people and even draw inspiration from them. Seeing parents who live for their kids and not just themselves is something I admire greatly. I’ve been blessed with really great families to work and connect with, always giving me something to take home and look at differently.

Amy has this great energy about her that I could literally just soak up all day long, I adore talking with her. Jens is such an easy going guy and is the perfect compliment to Amy, even mentioning that he makes her “feel comfortable.” I couldn’t agree more when I told her there were so many “good ones.” So you can just imagine how wonderful they are together with sweet little Booker, who is turning one soon! He is the cutest little guy, I couldn’t stop gushing over his smile and closeness with each parent. Such a joy!

Thanks Amy, Jens, and Booker for having me out on such a perfect Pacific Northwest morning! I can’t wait for your wedding this weekend!

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