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Aruiza Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

The beautiful Aruiza family came out to enjoy some sun and warmth with me at the park in beautiful Tacoma! It doesn’t get much better than spending some time outdoors with family, friends, and taking advantage of the nice weather.

I couldn’t stop telling them how beautiful their family was. Anna and Rob have some handsome little boys! Let’s hope they aren’t too much trouble when they’re older :).

Rob’s parents came out and wanted a Christmas card photo. But with two boys that only wanted to play, we were lucky to capture this one! You should see the effort we put into getting their attention and hoping for a smile! I can only imagine how funny we looked, hahaa!

The park was packed with people enjoying all the beauty it has to offer, so we really had to make due with the space we had.  After a few minutes of playing, walking around, and capturing this beautiful time of their lives, it soon felt like we were the only ones in the park!

The boys just loved the ducks in the pond below! They had no idea what to think of me, but went along with me and even humored me a little!

No matter how hard you try, you can’t always get a child to sit still with a stranger taking their photos, but if you do it right, you can simply capture their essence. After all, moments with children are fleeting and seeing them in their playful element will bring back smiles and beautiful memories a little better than a posed smile. For me, that’s what it’s all about!

Patrick and Jonathan weren’t too crazy about sitting here with dad, but after just a few moments of encouraging, there were less and less tears. The relationship between father and sons is incredible. I LOVE this image!

Motherhood is looking beautiful on Anna! What a classic beauty she is.

It makes my heart happy to see couples take a moment to laugh and love one another, even while taking photos. These are the moments that keep relationships going strong!

Thank you Anna and Rob for having me come out to capture your beautiful, growing family. I had a blast with you and your boys! I hope we meet up again and again so I can watch your family grow! Have a great summer!

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