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Thank you all so much for your support and following this little space on the internet for all these years. To consolidate my space on the web, I’m allowing this website with years of my professional photography to expire, and will be continuing on at talesofloveandadventure.com . I hope you’ll enjoy a fun mix of personal and client imagery, more of a user-friendly site, as well as a gallery showing recent work instead of blogging each session I do.

I’ve so enjoyed my years of blogging here and I truly hope you’ll follow along on our adventures in the new space. Adieu!

It was a beautiful fall day to meet at our local state park to take the Kim’s family photos and to celebrate their soon-to-be family of four, as they await the arrival of baby girl number two.

Thank you so much Luke, Carly, and Emily for coming out to meet me. I had so much fun hanging out with you. And I can hardly wait to meet Heidi!

This is the first official photo shoot I’ve had in my home garden, and it was better than I could’ve hoped for. The benefit of shooting in the space I love so much is that I spend the weeks leading up to it planting and tidying things up to look their best. And that’s so satisfying when I come in and get to use it in a whole new way.

Lexi is a high school senior this year with some great plans for the future and a loving family that hung out with us for the morning.

Thanks so much Lexi for having me document your senior photos. I had so much fun chatting with you and getting to explore everywhere from my garden to our cute little downtown with some of your family. Have an amazing senior year!