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It was one of those completely by chance opportunities that connect you to a family, is how I met the Robinson family. I’m thankful too, because I often feel fortunate to meet with a family who has a strong village surrounding them. I can’t help but to admire and appreciate that in others when I do see it. That’s exactly what Jeremy and Taraneka have. I was blown away to learn that their family flew from Georgia to be here to celebrate their baby girl turning one. Having only lived here for four months, they are learning the area, people, and adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest. It’s quite an adjustment from beautiful Georgia. I’m so honored to have been apart of their celebration for their sweet girl.

Taraneka planned her party beautifully, leaving no detail unattended. Of course, as one year olds go, Sophia missed her nap and decided to take it in the middle of her party. She has wonderful parents and family who went with the flow, so we took advantage of the opportunity and took a few photos of just the two of them. I’m glad we did, too, because they are an amazing couple. Jeremy has a way of making Taraneka laugh, and you can see her ease into herself when she’s with him. It was great getting to know them a little bit.

Happy 1st birthday Sophia, you may not remember this, but these photos and your time capsule will be a wonderful memory to have down the road. Not to mention that your family will remember being together for this, and that is everything. Thanks for having me out Robinson family.

Meet the beautiful Tsui family. I spoke with Kenneth’s sister, Bee, who booked me as their family photographer for when they flew in from Hong Kong. I hadn’t realized at the time that this would be their first trip to America as a family and our session would be their first morning waking up in the good ole USA. I truly felt honored to spend that time with them and honestly hoped to make a good impression, as cultural differences were never more evident.

They couldn’t have been a sweeter family to work with – easy to laugh, smile, and play with their little boy. We talked about what was common for us here locally versus Hong Kong, how they take family photos each year, but in a studio because it’s so crowded and there aren’t many options out of doors. I imagine our playful session in the heart of Tacoma, Washington was quite a different experience for them! Although I couldn’t truly imagine not having options. It was humbling to think of all the options we have to explore outside and how we shouldn’t take that for granted.

They still have some great adventures left while they’re in the states for the next two weeks and it’s been so fun to see thanks to social media. Well, if I’m ever in Hong Kong, I’ll definitely see them again! Happy travels Tsui family, thanks for having me capture your first American based family photos!

When Katherine and I first met over coffee one afternoon, we ended up talking for well over two hours, pulling ourselves away with the promise to meet again. It was undeniably one of those moments when you hope to connect with a client and it couldn’t have turned out better if you’d tried. My husband teamed up with me for the second meeting where we met Dave, then again for the hike to Franklin Falls for their engagements pictures. The morning started off with a little bit of rain, fog, and cool temps that eventually gave away to warm and blue skies. It was the perfect change of weather for the day.

We talked and hike along the trail, occasionally stopping at a pretty spot or at good light and even tried to convince Dave to get in the water near the falls. We didn’t win that one, but it was ok. I was so excited for this session and how beautiful our surroundings were. By the time we made it back to our final shooting location, I just had to call it quits or I would’ve kept photographing them all day! It was just so good and so much fun.

Katherine and Dave are the best of friends and the cutest couple. Their story is so sweet and genuine, and even realized we could’ve been at the same place at the same time with Katherine’s old job and never have realized it. I love to think of possible moments like that, only to come around to connecting sometime later. Much like the two of them. Two people who know exactly who they are and exactly what they want, knowing they have it when they’re hand in hand is modern day romance at its finest. Just being sure. You really get that when you’re with them.

I am so excited for their Mount Rainier wedding later this summer as they exchange vows and share it with only those closest to them. Congratulations Katherine and Dave, thank you so much for having me!

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  • Parson Family | And Baby Makes Three - July 27, 2018 - 2:45 pm

    […] Mom and Dad. Things have changed so much for all of us since their Mount Rainier wedding or their Franklin Falls engagement. It’s hard to imagine just how much in the last few […] Reply Cancel