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I am over the moon about this session, these images, and this proud new mom + dad! Luke and Cedes are our dear friends, and what an honor to be selected as their photographer for their precious Addison Marie. A mere week old here, Addison has my heart. Honestly, most new babies do, except I get to hold and see this one much more than most :). We got to hang out and spend time together, something I always soak up with this family. It was fun being in my work element with them + soon, to give them these photos to cherish forever. I can’t wait for part 2 of this session, it’s going to be so great!

I know they’re going to laugh that I included a picture of their pup, Duke, in this – but I couldn’t help myself. I’m sure he was really just getting comfortable, but as I sat with my back to him photographing the baby, he seemed almost protective + and curious, looking over at me every few minutes. He was their first baby after all :).

Congratulations Sidhu’s! We love you dearly.

As promised, part 2 of MariClaire and Jon’s wedding is live! You can see their first post, HERE. I thought I loved the first one the most, but after looking at these, this party might take the cake! Let me start by giving a HUGE shoutout to the best DJ I know in the South Sound, DJ Dave! He really knows how to kick off a killer celebration and keep the party going all night long! This reception was one of my favorites, with such a great mix of old and young, upbeat and smooth, you really couldn’t sit down too long + I really couldn’t stop smiling. I may have had to hold myself back from jumping on the dance floor, but instead, I’m happier to have captured so much fun!!

MariClaire and Jon, I hope you love + enjoy these! Cheers!!

  • MariClaire Eastabrooks - January 28, 2015 - 11:36 pm

    Doing my happy dance! 🙂 Reply Cancel

  • Mee Yeong Saunders - January 31, 2015 - 9:05 pm

    I love those!!! Beautiful pics!! Reply Cancel

Our session was for Emma, her daddy, and two big brothers. Even though she was on her own agenda, she certainly stole my heart. From those golden ringlets, her hair bow, and sweet little profile – I couldn’t get enough. While we captured the whole family, this series just makes me smile.