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Wasn’t it just a little while ago that I was taking Olliver’s newborn photos? Yet, here he is, nearly two years old and a big brother to the most precious Madison Emilie. Time seems to be flying on by, but beautiful things are happening to make you stop and appreciate these little moment. The newness of a baby only lasts a little while and it’s worth soaking in every single unforgettable moment. As I stare at that last photo of JJ holding her baby girl, I think back to how I had just packed away my camera. We had wrapped up the session and sat together on the bed talking, Emmy finished nursing and was sound asleep on her mama, and I pulled my camera back out just as light flooded into the room. It was a real and tender moment of motherhood that shows just how incredible and beautiful it all really is. And I’m just so thankful to be apart of moments like this.

The sweetest family got in touch with me to document their baby girl at 7 months old. Her friend, who I happen to take photos for, recommended me, and having gotten to quickly meet Jen before, it was great to get more time at this session and meet her family. My own little one tagged along for their photos as the “official assistant” and it was interesting to compare their milestones at just a few weeks apart. Savanna was really not sure about me, but Remy was able to get some smiles out of her. Mostly, she was all eyes for her mom and dad, and I’m a sucker for those precious looks. That comfort and familiarity that little ones have with their parents when they’ve bonded, is my favorite thing ever. You can see it in her expression when she’s looking at them, then looking over at me, wondering what on earth I’m doing.

Thank you so much Jen and Michael for hanging out with Remy and me. I loved meeting you guys, Savanna is just too cute, an absolute doll.

What an honor to officially document the Soelling family as a family of five! I’ve been so blessed to work with them since their oldest boy, Johnny, was just a little guy. I can hardly believe that we’re so many years and life changes into being apart of these moments together. I’ve come to love Johnny and Madi like the dearest friends, I adore their boys, and we somehow, talk for hours on end. You can imagine the treat of a such a fun, interactive photo shoot then!

I’ve never seen a new mama so at ease as I have Madi this time around, she was relaxed and happy. It made me smile time and again and just admire her moments of soaking in the newborn days with her sweet Becker Gray. Having three boys is a gift all its own, and I am beyond happy for them and excited to see where this exciting life of raising boys takes them.

I can never thank you enough, Soelling family, for having me out, for talking parenthood, marriage, and gardening with me. Each time it seems to get better and I walk away loving your family more. I cannot wait to see how life shapes around your three wild and precious boys, but I know it’s going to be so good.