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Every bit of planning for the wedding day is balanced delicately around this moment. The anticipation hangs heavy as everyone patiently awaits the bride and her father to first appear. Moments of being lost in thought, music softly plays, scanning the crowds until finally – it’s time! The emotion from Kim’s dad was unforgettable, while Kim appeared at ease and so very ready to meet her waiting groom.

Kim’s parents are so humble and sweet. They shared their own moments of love, unafraid of their affection, and embraced their daughter and new son-in-law on their day, not letting a moment go to waste. You couldn’t ask for more.

Their moments were tender, intimate, and long awaited for. Kim and David have been together for many years. There’s something special about letting the perfect day for you two linger, until finally, you’re more ready than you could ever imagine. When all things simply fit, and here you are…

So many adorable children were apart of the wedding in one way or another, and each one brought their own unique personality to share. I love how unafraid they are, and express their feelings through expression and action. Not to mention, Kim and David gave their attention to each little one, not forgetting to laugh with, and love on them. From showing off the empty flower petal basket, hugging the ring bearer pillow, and later, dancing across the field, they were simply the best!

Later we’ll jump into the photos of just the two of them, as they waited for the ceremony for their first official look, which include some of my favorites of the season!

I met this sweet family through the amazing Relay for Life coordinator, Lisa Grenier, Gina’s sister. After working through busy schedules, we finally pushed through and stepped out into the crisp fall air and took a walk in the park. The timing was perfect down to each little detail that made up our fall lifestyle session.

Mandy is just the sweetest pup ever, which goes hand in hand with their whole family! She is so well behaved, and loves her yellow ball!

Talk about a beautiful family, a beautiful day, beautiful colors, and on and on…

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We then left the beach for a more intimate setting. From freshly fallen leaves to tall evergreens, the air couldn’t have been sweeter, the moments with a comforting affinity between us all. We walked and talked and laughed together with little discomfort in posing, keeping a very natural, organic style to their images and fully representing who they are.

Thank you Lisa for recommending your family to me! Gina, Paul, Ryan, and Mandy, you are all so wonderful. I had a great time with you and I can’t wait to meet and capture even more of your beautiful family!

Happy fall!

Fall has rushed in abruptly. Completely disturbing our late summer routine and forcing us to pull out sweaters and boots. Now that we’ve accepted the new seasonal terms, we have fully embraced it in our day to day. Short walks and long cuddles make up most of our time. Treasure hunting and gatherings fill the rest of it. Since the weather has taken a turn and we aren’t flying South for the winter, we take to making time for our friendships, our home, and each other. We keep small gatherings, mostly at our home, and cook warm homemade meals to share and store for later days. It’s blissful. True utter bliss.

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Just as mother nature calls for more layers of clothing, and rushing to the heater to warm fingers and toes is always next on our agenda, we ensure ample time is still spent outdoors. There’s something magical being apart of the changes of your surroundings as the new season calls for much of it. Being from a few different coastal, warm states, warm layers were not apart of my wardrobe. It has taken me some time to really learn how to dress properly for the Pacific Northwest climate. I had never even owned a real jacket before moving here – needless to say, that changed quickly. Once I did though, my contentedness increased in multitudes as I was less afraid of embracing the cooler, wetter outside. When we do, it’s something like these images.


Times like these that we share, rather often I’d say, warm my heart in a way no amount of blankets could. There is a divine kinship between my Alyx and Kate, and it’s incredibly beautiful to watch the interaction when left completely uninterrupted. They make me feel at home, warm, comfortable, happy, and in love all at once. No amount of my own posing, although with direction to get them there, can create this – these images are all them. 100% genuine and definitively who they are.