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Our family reunited after 245 days apart.

The guys get right to work on the truck.

You know fishing is top priority, which definitely took place. Here, we tried our hand at clam digging.

Since we currently live in the city, we find creative ways to ensure our little guy gets to ride his dirt bike.

Since we got to indulge in clam digging, my love humored me with a little hike around the beach to spot the snowy owls!

A very special Valentine’s day celebration.

Then fun on the mountain!

After some much needed time spent together, we spent family time at the range.

The girls get spoiled with foot rubs 🙂

We relaxed together after so much fun, something we cherish greatly.

We celebrated our sweet little girls second year of life with family, and later on with friends.

We made sure to get the kids up to the snow since we didn’t have much of a winter.

After a long afternoon on the mountain, we stopped at our favorite bakery in Enumclaw.

Driving around with him – one of my favorite things.

Time goes quickly when you’re having fun…

Our last day.

There isn’t a time when I don’t have my camera in hand, but I also know how important it is to be on the opposite side. Preparing for Jeremy to leave was a miserably daunting task, but I made sure we enjoyed the morning.

Deployments aren’t easy, which is why we don’t say goodbye. It’s never goodbye when you commit to forever with someone, no matter how far or how long they’re gone. It’s a level of commitment and understanding like nothing else.

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Last weekend, a few friends, the kids, and I ventured to Skagit Valley to view the brilliant tulips and daffodils in bloom. I am in complete awe that Washington can even get more beautiful from one area to another. It’s incredible. I’ve lived all over the country, in numerous states, and I can honestly say that no place compares to here. The diversity of the things to see and do is endless.

Alyx was so intrigued by the inside of each flower. Since we aren’t allowed in between the rows or to tamper with the flowers, he would take one step in and gently look inside. Then he’d call to me or one of our friends to show us his find.

After my own heart, my sweet girl positively adores horses and just had to stop on the way in and out to watch them.

This adorable couple asked for their picture to be taken. The wife kept telling her husband, “Smile. Smile… Oh won’t you smile.” It was so darn cute.




Allowing yourself to be humbled by your children is the greatest gift you can give yourself, for there is so much they can teach you. – Is what I posted for my 98th photo for my 365 project on Facebook. It’s been an interesting journey capturing a piece of my life every day. It’s incredible to look back and see my children so young and the things we did. I can’t forget, however, to capture them in their element, being who they are, because they are growing so darn quickly.

I think these are some of my all time favorite images of my kids. I love that they are so natural in front of my camera and take direction so well, and yet, at the same time, they are so perfectly candid. I will encourage a hug or kiss, but I can’t make them do this kind of cuteness, this is all their own. It’s the love they have for one another, freely shared.

With young kids and being a busy mom, it’s near impossible to try to really schedule out a time for a photo session, like I normally would. So when we had a spare moment, I just went with it – whatever they were wearing, watched for decent weather – and just did it.

The relationship they share and their happiness, fills my heart with so much joy. Don’t be afraid to just set out time for your kids, to have beautiful images captured of them just as they are. That is what lifestyle photography is all about, and I happen to be an excellent storyteller. There’s no shame in that, just go for it, you won’t regret it… Enjoy the images of our cloudy spring afternoon :).

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