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Carlile Family | {Tacoma Family Photography}

Oh my goodness, I barely know where to begin with this adorable family! I had so much fun with the Carlile family, and captured so many precious moments with them. It was very difficult to chose just a few images for this post.

Kelly and John are the proud parents to three lovingly, adorable children. As challenging as it can be to photograph kids who want nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with the beautiful surroundings, I can’t blame them! I get a lot of apologetic parents during times like this, but it makes my job a lot more fun to be able to chase kids around while they are just being themselves and enjoying life. I love that! Kelly and John, I really had a great time. Not a worry in the world :).

When I do these family shoots that are directed more toward children, parents are like, ‘You want us alone in pictures?’ Hahaa. Yes! I promised them they would be thankful for it in the long run, I hope I’m not wrong!

I love to see a couple take a moment to giggle awkwardly because I’m taking their picture, saying ridiculous things, and it turns out completely adorable!

Meet the darling Madison! She was a little shy, but I think she secretly loved being in front of the camera.

Too cute for words, Caleb! Caleb had his own agenda the entire time, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t willing to go after him as he ran along after his brother and sister. I’m anxious (but in no hurry) to see these children grow up, they’re so precious, and have such wonderful parents!

This image is a little out of the ordinary, but this summed up my view of the shoot pretty well. I couldn’t help myself, I just loved it!

As some of you may know, I am a sucker for a father-daughter, mother-son photo. I was just elated when they indulged me for a few moments.

We tried a few different fun images that Kelly had in mind, but with Caleb constantly darting off, we weren’t able to get the exact feel we were going for. We had just one quick moment when they all reached in, and it worked out perfectly! I love it!

I quickly discovered that I’m a little bit lame when it comes to ‘games’ for getting kids attention, and while it worked a little, I need to step up my game! Hahaa, aren’t they adorable?!

At one point Kelly mentioned she really just wanted me to capture the craziness of their family. We took full advantage of every moment to capture a photo of their family and the kids, I think this turned out to be the perfect family photo for them!

Thank you Kelly and John for letting me come out and run around with you! I hope these images captures the ‘craziness’ you mentioned. I hope we meet up again and again so I can watch your family grow! Have a great summer!

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