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We like you for you

“If there’s something you believe in and want to put out into the world, even if it’s a bit

Don’t be discouraged

Being discouraged comes around so easily in life. I am incredibly aware of this, therefore, I battle that cloud of

Everything little thing is gonna be alright

Embrace struggle and mistakes. You can then learn anything. I hear pretty regularly from friends and family,

Secrets don’t make friends

One thing I absolutely love about people, are the details that truly make up that person. Things that you

Photographing + traveling with kids

Since we don’t travel abroad (YET!), we like to call our travel within the U.S. an ‘adventure.’ Our

There’s a story here

 It’s never easy explaining to people WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. The first thing that comes

Let me introduce yourself

A big part of creating this space [my own little corner of the internet], is for me to show my best. To inspire and

Anniversary Road Trip down the Oregon Coast

Celebrating our one year wedding anniversary was completely surreal. Has it really been a year?! Hahaa, no way! But

Cross country road trip | Nevada

This part of the trip – from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas to Reno – was incredible! The scenery left us