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Cross country road trip | Arizona

One of the things we didn’t realize as we traveled across the country in our Toyota Dolphin, was how insanely

Cross country road trip | Florida pt III

My final post for Florida. As you can tell, I’ve been busy since we’ve been back home these past few

Alyx’s 10th Birthday

I don’t typically have a lot of time to set aside for a proper photo shoot of my kids for their birthdays, so I end up

Cross country road trip | Florida Pt II

Mornings are my favorite. I’m not a morning person by nature, but I’ve been working on that for a few

Cross country road trip | Florida Part I

Florida took our breath away. In early spring, we aren’t used to that brilliant circle in the sky making itself

Cross country road trip | Missouri

An unintentional black & white series of my sweet nieces and godfather. Time has changed my family so much over

Cross country road trip | Kansas

Making it to the Midwest was half our journey. We drove into the sunrise and left as the sun set over Kansas. There

Cross country road trip | Colorado Part II

Spotting a sign for Buffalo Bill’s grave marker ended up being quite a sight to see! Traveling up windy roads

Cross country road trip | Colorado Part I

I had waited years to visit Colorado, and I knew I would love it. While planning the route of our trip, we chose a