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Cross country road trip | Nevada

This part of the trip – from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas to Reno – was incredible! The scenery left us speechless, and there was always something incredible around the corner. Dirt devils spinning wildly from one side of the highway to the next, brilliant sunrises and sunsets, walks to the park, and we even snuck in a couple movies during our few nights in Reno. Everyone really had a good time here, I mean how could you not?! It was relaxed, easy, fun, and simple all at once. This was a great time for us to soak it all in. Looking back through these images, I’m thankful to have had my camera out so much, because I wouldn’t have remembered all of this quite so well – and yet, at the same time I’m glad I remembered to put it down and be as present as time allowed.

Only one more scenic post before we close out this incredible journey, and we’re off on the next! See you next time!

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