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Destination Wedding | Personal photos from Maine

Back in October, I had the incredible honor of flying out to Maine (!!!) to capture Liz and Ed saying their vows. None of us (Liz, Ed, or myself) had ever been to Maine before, so there was just so much excitement between all of us! I instantly fell in love, of course, as I had a few days to myself traveling down the East coast, and being apart of the sweetest intimate wedding of the year. Ed and Liz found the absolutely best place in Maine for me to stay, Mill Hill Inn in Bethel, owned by the greatest couple, Woody and Lee. The two nights I was there, I hung out with Lee and we chatted about their business and mine, and Woody made sure I was fed. We were sad to part ways that last night, and I’m so very grateful for connecting with them. Not only did they take such good care of me there, I was able to feel completely at home and relaxed in a new place while totally outside of my comfort zone. If and when I take my family to Maine, I will undoubtedly visit them again.

Maine is so full of color and life, slow living, and kind people. We had arrived just in time for their famous fall views, and I couldn’t take it all in fast enough! There was so much to see and do. I kept it pretty simple, but enjoyed sunrises, back roads, new people, new places, the window down, and the music up. The history and open countrysides are really worth stopping for. If you’re ever in Maine, take the time to soak it all in, every little bit is worth it!

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