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Cross country road trip | Florida Part I

Florida took our breath away.

In early spring, we aren’t used to that brilliant circle in the sky making itself so known and giving so much warmth. We left Washington in hoodies and hiking boots, and arrived in Florida wearing shorts and flip flops. It was a welcome change, and I’ll admit we may have made a few summer apparel purchases.

We spent every bit of our time with family and friends, we ate good food and laughed into the night with people who knew us in one way or another. My niece, Lexy, turned 5 – and how I love spoiling that little girl! My brother never gave up his quest to make his niece comfortable with him, she can be a shy one! Although, Lexy and Kate became the best of friends almost immediately. They may live far apart and not see each other often, but you wouldn’t guess it if you saw them together.

We rode in monster trucks, bbq’d most every night, went fishing, watched the sunset. It was magical every day and night. You can never ever go wrong spending your moments making memories with people who love to be around you.

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