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Cross country road trip | Florida Pt II

Mornings are my favorite. I’m not a morning person by nature, but I’ve been working on that for a few years now. In Florida, if I was up early enough, I could join my dad on the front porch with a fresh cup of hot coffee, watch the morning mist fade off or the morning rains turn to sun. During those times, the most colorful birds would enjoy the seeds my parents left in the bird feeders. Flying as quick as can be from tree branch to tree branch, I am always captivated by them!

This morning in particular was one of my favorites. Quiet time with my dad, coffee, pretty birds, and then a cool rain. All of that followed by family visiting and part two of my sweet niece’s birthday. It was all quite simple this trip, and we couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Also see, Florida Part I.

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