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Hunter | Our new family member

As you’ve all seen on Facebook, I just couldn’t resist sharing this sweet, oh-so-adorable new member of our family! We immediately had an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate this momentous occasion, and of course, because this little guy is going to grow really quick. We were instantly head-over-heels for him!

When we arrived at the breeders home to choose our puppy, we were greeted by a precious little boy, whom we discovered was quickly spoken for. We were a little discouraged, but as we went out to greet the rest of them, they were all asleep in the grass under a tree. While kneeling down to pet them, I was greeted by a puppy who came up behind me, and laid on the back of my dress and quickly fell asleep. Oh my heart! I was instantly in love. After going over our options, and considering who will be the best fit for Jeremy’s hunting and fishing lifestyle, we quickly chose this one.

We spent a few days going through names to choose as Jeremy patiently waited to come up with a perfect fit. While the rest of us are beyond excitement, and it’s all we can really talk about, we’re adjusting to our new family of six! Welcome to the family Hunter!

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