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I met with a sweet friend and her little boy today. I could go on about our day and all things pertaining to life and the creativeness wrapped up in each of us, as well as the cuteness that was our two year olds playing together after overcoming the initial weariness of a new friend, however, I’ll save that for another day.

This woman inspires me. She has a beautiful simplistic style as an up and coming designer in Southern California. She visits Washington from time to time, and although we’ve only met once before, we follow one another online, and were happy to meet again during her short stay here. Not only am I professionally inspired by her, but personally, she has a strength unlike any other. Anyway, she has a minimalist style with a keen eye for branding, colors, and overall style. When she’s ready, I will share her with all of you. You can’t help but love genuine sweetness.

We both love to blog, and while chatting today, we shared some of our inspirations with one another. It just so happened I came across a still life photography post today that inspired me greatly. That lead to another blog article I found on Pinterest through my friend as well, a year in review, a post I hope to share as the new year approaches. So I wanted to share them with all of you.

I am drawn to lifestyle photography quite a bit. I hadn’t expected to be, but thinking of who I am and the style I have and am constantly creating, it makes sense, it is a new to me style of professional photography that I hope to incorporate more and more as time goes on. You could say I began a bit when I took on the 365 photo challenge, you can see the growth I’ve made just in that. It’s been a fun project, and what a neat [and challenging] concept to capture your daily life in a way that is inspiring, and even pleasing to look at. These inspirations help me focus on the little details of things that I love oh-so-much.

There were many adorable photos from our meeting today, especially with our adorable littles, but I really loved this moment with Kate once we arrived home. Over a brief stop for coffee, we picked up a snack that wasn’t finished, so Kate carried it home for us. That is, until she dropped it. I had walked ahead of her just a bit and when I turned to see her, the sun was shining beautifully through the cherry tree in our front yard. So I pulled out my camera and knelt to her level. That’s when I saw her drop her snack, but I couldn’t help but observe her little self figuring out how to put it all back together and head toward me again, but not before stopping and smiling at me.

Have a beautiful rest of the week friends!

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