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Jake + Hailey’s Wedding Ceremony | Forks, WA


Planning a wedding can prove to be quite challenging. Planning a wedding across the country even more so. Then, letting your sister plan all the things proves to unnerve you. Haha. There has never been a time where I was more involved in a wedding than this one. Of course, my brother got married and this is what I do, so naturally… After months of trying to talk him into getting married in Washington, it finally worked, and my new sister-in-law put all her faith in me, but she had her doubts! Thankfully, despite all the traveling and holiday business, the wedding came together so beautifully and I’m telling you, I would do this day over and over and over again if I could. Part 1 today features the sweetest intimate wedding ceremony, my first and only time officiating a wedding. Stay tuned tomorrow for the adventures we went on to take beautiful photos of the bride and groom.

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