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Jocelyn, Meghan, and Harley

Hanging out with them was like a joke I couldn’t get, but in the best way. These three, brother and sisters, were a highlight to soon-to-be dreary day. Full of laughter, which was perfect even though I wasn’t in on it, because I took so many beautiful photos of them together. These photos, a gift for their parents, how beautiful a gift at that. You can probably tell my favorites are truly of their happiness, but I did my best to pull some regular smiles too.

We came together on Christmas Eve, just as they all came from their respective, distanced homes, in time to document their time all in the same place. The sky broke just that morning, and just after the next session I had here, the rain came pouring down. I really couldn’t have asked for better, it was perfect actually.

I hope your Christmas and New Year was wonderful, you guys! And that your parents are pleased with the images I’ve taken. All the best!

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