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Josh + Abbie’s Wedding | Red Cedar Farm | Pouslbo

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Where do I begin with Abbie and Josh’s wedding? Truly, there was no detail left undone, it was so apparent that they thought of EVERYTHING! While I can only imagine the effort it all took, it made my heart swell to see so much love and thought put into the day they would marry one another. There’s just something to be said about it all. I adored my time individually with Abbie and Josh before their ceremony, getting to learn more about them and as the day went on, I felt so excited to see them exchange vows. Their calm demeanor was encouraging.

So not only was the venue, Red Cedar Farms, just as lovely as can be, the day was simply perfect. They also included many elements that represented who they are, fishing, pie instead of cake, and their parents on either side (as seen in the photo above). But what stood out to me the most, was the attention Josh and Abbie gave to everyone, namely Josh’s two sons. It was an emotional day for his boys, and there wasn’t a moment they didn’t stop to give them the love and affection they needed. Abbie took time out to dance with one of her nieces, which was incredibly adorable, then play for a moment. I’m sure I could continue to gush about all the wonderful things on this day, but a scroll through the photos will do the rest for me.

Congratulations Abbie and Josh, I couldn’t have been more honored to be there for you!

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