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Koch Family Photos | Woodland, Wa

Every year I dream up this amazing family session I’d love to do with my family. Something really fun, adventurous, and beautiful. While I never intend to wait until November, it’s come to be the theme for us, when our weekends are less busy and we can all get away together. While I also plan to hire one of the amazing local photographer friends I have to capture our family, we usually like a solid adventure day, multiple locations, and as it works out, I take them myself. I don’t truly recommend doing your own photos, because it is really quite challenging. I literally dream of giving someone else the pressure to document the four of us. But this worked out, and I’m thankful we make time each year to document where we are in our lives. I’ll cherish these for always.

A few years ago, we traveled to the Washington Oregon border to a few of my husband’s favorite fishing areas, we ended up at this beautiful lake and had the best time exploring the area! So as I was scheming up this plan, creating a vision, and deciding which direction to head for the day’s adventure, I thought of that trip and decided it was time to recreate it. It really wasn’t about getting perfect photos or incredible scenery, it was about our love for the outdoors, being together, and loving one another. That’s always what I hope to capture, because it’s who we really are. Even the last few photos you see, were completely impromptu, where we stopped along the Columbia River, and I told my husband that since it’s one of his favorite places, we should get a few pictures here. It was so fun to dance alongside the river, laugh at our silliness, gush over the cute puppies walking around, and play with our children. These moments are what I hope my kids remember most about us, as it’s all too familiar they see their dad spinning their mom and taking a moment to be close, laugh, and kiss.

Take a peek at last year’s adventure for our family photos, HERE.

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