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Matt + Diane | {Tacoma Couples Photography}

Matt and Diane have been married about two years now. They didn’t get to have professional images of their special day, so we got together to make up for it :). These two were so much fun and unabashedly showed their love and personalities. Matt was hard to crack, but you can see the love he has for his wife, and clearly how happy Diane is. They are so sweet and very easy to spend time with. After our session, we hung around talking for nearly an hour! We discovered many common interests, and a love for the Pacific Northwest.

Our session got rescheduled a few times, but it was worth the wait for this beautiful spring weather we’re having.

It’s a lot fun to direct people when they are at their happiest, there tends to be more playfulness that makes so many beautiful images. Later on down the road, they’ll remember and feel the love they share by looking through their images from this juncture in their life. Being able to relive your story is what it’s all about.

I did everything I could to coax out a bigger smile from Matt, but it was the moments he was closest to Diane you could see the happiness across his face.

Don’t worry, we got a few images without his hat on too :).

I must admit, I love a good love story, and these two really take the cake. Crazy adventures to the Philippines, friends, family, and a little help from social media made it all work for this perfect couple! I am so happy you found one another, it’s all too obvious you’re meant to be – the perfect compliment to each other’s personalities.

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Cheers to another blissful year of marriage!

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