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Melissa K Norris | North Cascades Family

Melissa K. Norris is an author, blogger, podcaster, gardener, and homesteader. You can learn from her, HERE. With the many amazing hats she wears, she and I connected online quite some time ago. After having idolized her vast gardening knowledge and soaked up all I could, I couldn’t help but reach out to her. After all, we had become quite familiar with one another and we both work online so much, there were few secrets left untold. Of course, by the time we were actually together, you couldn’t have guessed how much we had to talk about. We chatted the entire time and ultimately had to peel ourselves apart so I could begin my trek home and she could visit her newborn nephew. It was a perfect Pacific Northwest day with a gal who is born, bred, and truly lives the lifestyle of one who tends to the soil at the foothills of the North Cascades.

Her kids, close in age to my own, are sweet as can be. After exploring their lush property on foot, we made it to the garden where each of them began tending to one thing or another. It was kind of amazing to see first hand. You know that a lifestyle is truly genuine when you don’t have to ask your kids to help tend your garden with you. I could have stayed there all day. From seeing her home canned goods filled pantry to sharing some indoor photography tips, talking about back to school life with kids, working out of home and in the home – the authenticity of our different, but similar lifestyles blended well.

I’m so proud of Melissa and how well she’s made a name for herself based on the passions of her life, passed down from generations of her family. Now I know that sounds corny, but from one ambitious small business owner to another, it’s inspiring. I watched as she launched her first book, went on our local news station, and with book two in the works, I am anxious to dive into it and read more of her story, recipes, and support her journey.

Thank you Melissa for having me out to your home and in your garden. Your children are incredible and I hope to connect with you again!

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