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Mother’s Day Camping 2014

Mother’s day this year was more than words can describe, thankfully, I have photos to tell the story of the weekend. This is the first holiday I have been able to spend with my parents, and we decided that trying to participate in the usual out-to-dinner, make-all-the-moms-in-our-life-happy, wasn’t going to be as enjoyable with the crowds with as many people as we had along. We decided to make my stepmom a BBQ’d dinner of her second favorite meal, meat and potatoes. You don’t have to ask me twice if I want to spend the weekend outdoors and BBQ!

We had a few incredible friends and family along for the weekend adventure and they all ensured I was loved from the moment we began. We explored, ate, drank, and laughed our way through the night with roasted marshmallows in hand. Perfection. My parents arrived the next morning with the most beautiful flowers for me and we took to more exploring along the beach and harvested oysters while spending time among Bald Eagles who didn’t mind our company. No matter how much time I spend in the Pacific Northwest, I never tire of the beauty surrounding me, my love only grows deeper. I forever want to spend more and more time connecting with the mountains, the trees, and my family while we hike deeper through the its paths and share in only the best conversation.

Happy Mother’s Day Momma’s!

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