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Mt St Helens | Exploring the Northwest

Welcome to a true Northwest experience in the beauty of our much appreciated summers!

Last weekend after shooting a beautiful wedding in Edmonds, Wa, I was surprised by my super sweet fiance with a spontaneous family trip to Mount St Helens! That, of course, was after I came home to a clean house, well cared for children, and woke to a hearty homemade breakfast before take off – well loved ;).

I’ve been eager to go for a few years now, and we finally just DID IT! The beauty Washington has, from it’s endless seas to its tallest mountains, you really get the best of it all. So without further adieu, here is the beginning of our trip..



When we hit our first stop, we explored the gift shop, looked over maps, and read newspaper articles from the 80’s and 90’s! I hadn’t previously realized the eruption occurred the day after my birthday, seven years earlier. Wow!

I have to resist the urge of buying all the cute little trinkets, and I usually do. Jeremy quickly stole my attention when he showed me the second sign. With the first, he said, “This is the one you’ll probably agree with more, but if you do, you’re in trouble.” Hahaa. I laughed.

I had no idea how sentimental different areas of the Mount St Helens National Park area was (is) to so many travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. I was completely taken in my the many quotes shared throughout the visitor center, and instantly grew a newfound love and appreciation for a place I knew I would already be fond of.

“Man was only borrowing a little time up here. I always felt that I was being allowed by the grace of God to be at this lake. The mountain was just claiming back her territory.” Laura Bernard

There is nothing quite like taking in these breathtaking views, fresh mountain air, tall noble firs, and simply enjoying life. It’s an amazing experience all around. I highly recommend taking time out and enjoying the beautiful Northwest landscape.

It’s fascinating to watch your children in such a pure element, so stay tuned for even more incredible views of this beautiful monument, and our little adventurers who add a new twist to every facet of our lives. It’s full of fun moments, endless tests of patience, and an all around crazy good time!

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