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Newborn Caine

“It’s been amazing,” is the first thing Jordan said when I asked how their first week had been with their baby boy. I couldn’t help but smile at seeing how the newness of being parents was settling into their home. It’s always incredible to have that flash back. Being on my third baby, it’s easy to forget those very, very firsts of being a parent. Sometimes that means everything is a mess and you’re figuring out how all that baby stuff works, what you actually need, and shockingly realize how much you don’t. And other times it means a really graceful transition as if you’ve known your whole life just how this whole thing works.

Caine surprised us all by his early arrival, but it seems the timing was just right. He’s just perfect and is seriously the cutest baby, and littlest baby I’ve spent time with in a long while. Congratulations Lauren and Jordan, I’m so thankful to have spent this time with you. Seeing that final transition from preparing for baby to welcoming baby was wonderful. I look forward to seeing him grow and, of course, documenting his next milestone. I can hardly imagine it!

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