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Newborn Norah Jean


We first met three years ago. We travelled up north to document where Nick and Jenarae’s love story began, at college. Then the day came when they tied the knot, it was absolutely perfect; Jenarae, simple yet flawless in her details. So when the email arrived that they were expecting a baby girl and no one yet knew, as you can imagine, I was elated by the news. These last few years have brought many babies for previous wedding clients and it’s better than I could ever hope for, to get to be apart of their major milestones, it’s really something.

All the changes that happen when you fall in love with that special someone leave such an impact, you can be left standing breathless just thinking back on it all. My own family has grown and changed so much, but when I get together with clients again, even years later, it’s as if we haven’t missed a thing. We’ve been friends all along. I know that I always say this, but I’m thankful every single time. To have my work valued, to be apart of the lives of such wonderful people, and to give them something to hold onto and cherish forever.

Congratulations Nick and Jenarae, Norah is absolutely perfect. She is one lucky little girl to have you two as parents, as I know you’re blessed by her. I had a great morning catching up with you, and I look forward to seeing Norah’s sweet little face again. Get her used to the camera for me!

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