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Jens, Amy, + Booker | Kirkland Family

Amy and Jens are a beautiful couple as well as incredible parents. When you’re with them, even if only briefly, you can see where they balance one another out, you can see the love for their little boy, each other, and for their life together. At the end of it all, I’m not sure there is much more that matters. Being with them is always a good time, a walk with friends, and a reluctant parting. I’m so thankful that people who are as hardworking and as busy as these two are, are able to remember to take time to document their growing family. Amy is adamant to capture them just as they are: with real, authentic moments that will remind her of Booker’s personality, the fun they have together, and their love for one another. I so greatly enjoy each time I’ve been with the Perrin family and you can bet that I’m always counting on the next time too!

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