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Relay for Life 2015

Relay for Life is an event I look forward to each year. It’s an emotional, heartwarming, and humbling experience that is simply amazing to be apart of. I didn’t hold back picking favorites this year, as each year offers something new and exciting! I see many familiar faces, many that you’ll notice in previous year’s also – I just love the commitment from entire families and groups of friends to this event. Everyone stays pumped, excited, and giving it their all, it’s definitely a good time!

This year’s theme, ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ brought Disney princesses from A Simple Wish, that put on amazing performances and lots of fun for the kiddos (and who am I kidding, the grown ups loved it too!), there were some incredible flash dances, and the unveiling of the Relay for Life dedication in honor of Dr Gordy Klatt at the school where Relay is held every year. Congratulations Relay family on another successful year working on the fight against cancer!

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