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Soelling Family | Tacoma Maternity

The Soelling family are soon welcoming sweet baby boy #3! It’s been really incredible to watch their family grow from three to five over the years, as our own family has done the exact same thing. We went with a very lifestyle approach in this session, because boys can prove to be a little challenging in front of the camera. I’m also adamant that they don’t develop a dislike when they see me show up at their door, camera in hand. Over and over again you’ll hear me say, “It’s okay. Let them be.” I want them to play and be kids and have fun, because that’s really what it’s all about. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting those perfect pictures, but I promise, the real thing can be just as beautiful. Like that candid shot of little Johnny picking flowers for his mama, my heart melted and I rushed to capture it.

Having boys is such an incredible experience, especially for mamas (dads too, of course). While they can be so trying (any kid can be), there is a tenderness unlike any other. Getting to see that first-hand while taking these photos proved that John and Madi are really doing a phenomenal job raising their boys. It’s wild, crazy, and exhausting, but it’s so very good too. I am so inspired being around people who just do what they can with what they have, working hard, loving each other, loving their kids, and rolling with it all each day. That’s exactly what Johnny and Madi are doing and I really love being a small part of it.

I love you Soelling family. Madi, you’re so incredibly beautiful and you’re doing an amazing job. Johnny, I love your openness to love your family and work so hard alongside Madi. I can’t wait to see where life with three amazing boys takes you!

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