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Sophia Turns One | Shoreline Family

It was one of those completely by chance opportunities that connect you to a family, is how I met the Robinson family. I’m thankful too, because I often feel fortunate to meet with a family who has a strong village surrounding them. I can’t help but to admire and appreciate that in others when I do see it. That’s exactly what Jeremy and Taraneka have. I was blown away to learn that their family flew from Georgia to be here to celebrate their baby girl turning one. Having only lived here for four months, they are learning the area, people, and adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest. It’s quite an adjustment from beautiful Georgia. I’m so honored to have been apart of their celebration for their sweet girl.

Taraneka planned her party beautifully, leaving no detail unattended. Of course, as one year olds go, Sophia missed her nap and decided to take it in the middle of her party. She has wonderful parents and family who went with the flow, so we took advantage of the opportunity and took a few photos of just the two of them. I’m glad we did, too, because they are an amazing couple. Jeremy has a way of making Taraneka laugh, and you can see her ease into herself when she’s with him. It was great getting to know them a little bit.

Happy 1st birthday Sophia, you may not remember this, but these photos and your time capsule will be a wonderful memory to have down the road. Not to mention that your family will remember being together for this, and that is everything. Thanks for having me out Robinson family.

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