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Storytelling through photography

Can I first just say, oh my gosh, the evening glow in that first image. Swoon! Anyway, as I wrapped up this sweet newborn session earlier this week with the Soelling family and their newest edition, Benjamin, I couldn’t help but feel all the good, amazing things that come from these experiences. This has been my third session with this darling family, their first as a family of three, then again when expecting Ben, and now that he is here. When walking into their now familiar home, I am greeted warmly and caught up on their life, welcomed in like an old friend. I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that I’m there and entrusted with these moments of their life, with these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

I’m sure you’ve heard many creative people saying they are documenting your story, they have a lifestyle approach, they are storytellers. In case you ever wondered what that really meant… my friends, this is the story. This is your story. And these milestones are everything. These moments, this time. And in all honesty, it gets easier with every session when you stick with the same person documenting your family. Little Johnny (Madi’s oldest boy) and I are best buds now. He’s comfortable with me (and I with him), and that is a huge relief for everyone! I can hardly express how incredible it is to watch children grow in this way, to capture their personality as it develops.

So as I was capturing little Benny’s coos and cuddling him as much as I could, these thoughts flooded my mind. This is their story. I’m telling their story! I’m not sure how much luck plays into it, because it’s been a lot of hard work. Work that has been so, so worth it. But I feel pretty lucky. I love to tease that this is so much more peaceful than my last job, than my time in the Army. And it is, I am so at ease, filled with peace, even as the behind-the-scenes of this session, as with most, is chaotic, loud, and exciting all at once. You know, much like any home with kids is. Mine included. And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. While I’m in no rush for time to hurry, I greatly look forward to the next milestone with the Soelling’s, so I can spend time with them again. To gush over Madi’s flawless efforts to make the session beautiful, to laugh and chat with Johnny, to play hide and seek with John, and to cuddle with Ben (if he’ll still let me). It’s these details that add to the story element.

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