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Tacoma Family | The Smith’s

One of the greatest joys I get from being a photographer, is when clients come back to me again and again. There’s something to be said about great customer service. In an independent and creative field, it’s all about my clients and the experience I create for them. I started off really shy around people, afraid to be assertive and confident in front of them. Over time, that faded as I knew more and more what to do and how to do it well. The biggest factor in that is personal connection. You can’t always connect with everyone, but you can connect really well with some – quality over quantity, right? In the case of Mr & Mrs Smith, along with three week old Brooklyn Rae, we have just that. From their beautiful spring wedding (on my birthday no less!), and other family events I’ve been honored to be apart of, I am no stranger to this family.

Sometimes I’m still amazed that clients come back again, that they find value in not only me as as artist, but in the images I create of and for them. My work has been challenged time and again, and I’ve continued learning with each passing session I do. It’s really kind of amazing to see the growth from one to the next. It’s an ongoing joke with some clients turned friends, that I only get better for them, so they’re really the ones lucking out ;). Haha.

Sylvia, Dominic, and Brooklyn – thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your life, to capture your sweetest life memories. I look forward to the next milestone with you. Happy holidays!!

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