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Tacoma Newborn | Myles Robert

One of the absolute best aspects of being a photographer, is following a couple, a family, through the milestones of their lives. I’ve been with the Smith family in particular since Sylvia and Dom got married on my birthday a few years ago. Then, as they’ve welcomed their daughter, her one year celebration, and the birth of their son. It’s rather amazing, and honestly humbling, that over the years, we meet up, catch up on life, and take some pretty pictures!

Sylvia and Dom are an incredibly sweet couple, who seem to just fit so perfectly together. When they became parents, the ease seemed to flow into parenthood for them too. I love seeing them together and it is so refreshing be around them.

Congratulations you two, Myles is perfect and you are undoubtedly amazing parents! Thank you for having me!

  • Myles 1st Birthday | Tacoma Family - March 23, 2017 - 6:08 pm

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