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A New Journey

It has been a great intro into spring these past couple weeks, until we were hit with a steady fall of rain. It’s a welcome change after overcoming winter, and getting to pull out those shorts and flip flops that have been hiding for what feels like SO long! I have been out in my gardens while the sun was being generous and I’ve been so pleased with the blossoms and color adorning our beautiful home. Everywhere we drive there is an abundance of flowery trees and bushes, it’s so very inviting.

Growing up, I lived in about eight different states and more than thirty cities or so, and I’ve never seen a place more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest and I’m so happy to say is now where I call home.

I love and why I do what I do is above and beyond the passion that fuels my fire. These photos are a small representation of that. I am such an outdoor person, and Washington is such a magnificent place for that!

For anyone who has ever asked me why I do what I do now, I usually spend a few minutes and a few paragraphs explaining a little about myself that gives the understanding backing my desire. One of the things that stands out in my own mind, is that I love where I live. I’ve lived in Washington for about 5 years now. At first, I had the most amazing idea in my mind as to what life would be like before I moved here, I had no idea it would be as incredible as it really is.

To be honest, I hated and loved Washington for the first year I was here – with all the new and exciting life, career, and friends. I deployed with the Army after a year, and got so used to the heat and sun, that upon returning it was a really hard adjustment. Ever had that happen? It took me a little while to realize that not only does Washington have SO MUCH to offer someone who loves the outdoors, but that it really bears an abundance of beauty. For those of you who are familiar with the Pacific Northwest, did you ever realize that it’s so beautiful because it rains so much? Yeah, took me awhile too.

Please bear with me as I continue to build this site, customize, and brand it. I’m not very good with the technical side of design, but I’m getting there :). So…. Do you know someone who is good with site building? Feel free to send them my way! I would greatly appreciate it.

Cheers to a beautiful week!

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