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Cross country road trip | Utah Part I

Utah was one of the states we were looking forward to most. Never having been previously, the difference in their mountains compared to those of the Pacific Northwest were unreal. So massive, and just RIGHT THERE! I so wish we had time to hike more, but don’t worry, we will go back!

At this point in the trip, we were making stops more frequently. Never rushing when we found a place to explore a little. Allowing the kids and dogs sufficient time to run around and play, as well as make a healthy meal if needed. Eating healthy was priority on this trip, no junk food or fast food, proving we could put in the effort to take care of our bodies during a challenging time such as traveling. We only stopped to eat out if it was a place that one of us loved but don’t get to go to back home, which may have totaled twice. Sleeping in our camper wasn’t too bad either, the kids were always excited for this part of the adventure, and to claim a little piece of the RV for themselves, anxious to awake and see something new the next day.

I’m not sure I can do much justice with my images, but these are some of my favorites of the trip – next to Arches National Park, which I will show you next. I could shoot in front of those mountains every day! I just love this place!

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