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They Grow Fast | {Tacoma Children Photography}

Allowing yourself to be humbled by your children is the greatest gift you can give yourself, for there is so much they can teach you. – Is what I posted for my 98th photo for my 365 project on Facebook. It’s been an interesting journey capturing a piece of my life every day. It’s incredible to look back and see my children so young and the things we did. I can’t forget, however, to capture them in their element, being who they are, because they are growing so darn quickly.

I think these are some of my all time favorite images of my kids. I love that they are so natural in front of my camera and take direction so well, and yet, at the same time, they are so perfectly candid. I will encourage a hug or kiss, but I can’t make them do this kind of cuteness, this is all their own. It’s the love they have for one another, freely shared.

With young kids and being a busy mom, it’s near impossible to try to really schedule out a time for a photo session, like I normally would. So when we had a spare moment, I just went with it – whatever they were wearing, watched for decent weather – and just did it.

The relationship they share and their happiness, fills my heart with so much joy. Don’t be afraid to just set out time for your kids, to have beautiful images captured of them just as they are. That is what lifestyle photography is all about, and I happen to be an excellent storyteller. There’s no shame in that, just go for it, you won’t regret it… Enjoy the images of our cloudy spring afternoon :).

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