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2014 at a Glance


This year. This year blew my mind. It still blows my mind. Looking back, I see just HOW grateful I am for all of this – these people, these moments. It’s almost surreal. I fulfilled some dreams, hiked a little more, met some incredible people, traveled to some awesome places, created a solid network, and most of all, I DID IT! It’s been hard to not give up on myself from time to time. We all know how challenging it can be trying to make it on your own, and sure as can be, here I am – making it.

So thank you. Every single one of these people shown, those not shown, those who helped make this happen, and of course, those reading along. It’s been the best kind of journey, and I am thrilled for another one. I know it gets old hearing it over and over about how good/bad everyone’s year has been and all that, but look at how blessed we are to have another whole year ahead of us. I will not take that for granted, nor will I forget the things that shaped me these past 365. Whether you see it or not, it’s there. Making you who you are striving to be. So, CHEERS!, cheers to you and yours in 2015! I wish you all the very very best!

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