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Tulip Festival | {Mount Vernon Family Photography}

Last weekend, a few friends, the kids, and I ventured to Skagit Valley to view the brilliant tulips and daffodils in bloom. I am in complete awe that Washington can even get more beautiful from one area to another. It’s incredible. I’ve lived all over the country, in numerous states, and I can honestly say that no place compares to here. The diversity of the things to see and do is endless.

Alyx was so intrigued by the inside of each flower. Since we aren’t allowed in between the rows or to tamper with the flowers, he would take one step in and gently look inside. Then he’d call to me or one of our friends to show us his find.

After my own heart, my sweet girl positively adores horses and just had to stop on the way in and out to watch them.

This adorable couple asked for their picture to be taken. The wife kept telling her husband, “Smile. Smile… Oh won’t you smile.” It was so darn cute.




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