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Camping Trip | {Poulsbo Family Photographer}

This past weekend we hit the outdoors with a vengeance. We adventured out to our first camping trip of the year – our second ever. We went last year, to Palouse Falls, but never by ourselves before. I set up and took down my first tent, spent two nights with my babies outdoors, and entertained a couple friends who later came by to keep us company.

Kitsap Memorial State Park isn’t a big park by any means, but it’s wonderful when there aren’t many people to share it with. We were one of many half a dozen groups. The second night welcomed a bigger group with a fairly large, impressive setup. They brought friends for my boy to play with, and turned an intimate family outing, into more of a friendly get-together. We split our weekend both ways, and it was just what we needed.

I’m not native to Washington. I’ve lived here about 5 1/2 years now, and one of the biggest differences between here and the South, is hospitality. It just isn’t the same. So when we explored the campground and ran into people we’ve never met before, I was humbled by everyone’s kindness, openness, and hospitality. Sharing conversation about our good-looking pups, inviting us to share s’mores, and helping us as needed. I haven’t come across anyone like that since I left Florida. You just don’t get that in the city.

I’m hooked. I already can’t wait for our next trip. You ready to go? Hit me up!

There were quite a few favorite images, I hope you enjoy!

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