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Rob | Steilacoom High School | {Senior Photography} | Class of 2013

Rob’s mom contacted me to take her son’s senior pictures as he prepares for the school year to begin. Kelly and I have younger boys in the same elementary school in Steilacoom, so we frequently see each other. I’m honored she chose me to showcase her son at such a big stage in his life!

We had a great time scouting around the locations Kelly chose and we found so many options to play with! The morning started out pretty typical for Washington with cool, crisp air that soon gave way to a warmer sunshine. We’ve had such a beautiful and hot summer, I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for fall to settle in. I love that we found some of that feel in Rob’s images!

At one point, Rob apologized for suppressing his laughter as him mom was making faces at him! I couldn’t help but giggle and encouraged him to go ahead and laugh! Rob is pretty laid back and mellow, so these images really show his calm personality. For me, that is what it’s all about – you want your photos to be who you are and show this time in your life.

Rob is such a sweet guy for coming out at his mom’s request to have pictures taken of him before he heads off to college. Rob has grown up to be a great young man with big plans for himself.

Thank you Rob for letting me take so many pictures of you! Kelly, thank you for thinking of me – I had a great time with you guys! Best of luck Rob as you head off to your last year of high school and pursue your dreams in psychology. It will undoubtedly be challenging, but your perseverance will push you through those long nights of wondering why you’re doing it! Hahaa! I’m excited to see where you go from here!

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