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Liz + Ed’s Wedding | Mountain House on Sunday River | Pt I

Before you begin scrolling through some of my favorite wedding pictures, you absolutely have to click on over to read the story of this incredible couple, AND see their proposal. Ed and Liz have a very modern day romance story with how they met, yet their love story seems to be anything but. From the first email from Ed while he worked in Germany, to hiking up a mountain to secretly capturing his proposal to Liz, to meeting them both for the first time, then planning for all of us to travel to Maine as they get married, and connecting with their whole family over a magnificent dinner and the most spectacular evening. Even though our time together has only been brief, I absolutely adore Ed and Liz, and the way they are unapologetically who they are in every facet of their lives. I wish we lived closer!

People have asked me if they are from Maine, wondering how I met them and why I was in Maine. My answer is no, they’re from Michigan. Insert a very perplexed look here + it goes something like this..

“Actually, we met in Washington, they hired me while they were on vacation and were getting engaged on a mountain. Then they decided to get married in Maine, so I flew there to be with them on their wedding day.”

“Why in Maine?”

“Because they’ve never been. Isn’t that awesome?! They’re my kinda people!” And they definitely are.

So here we are at the Mountain House on Sunday River in Newry, Maine. At first glance, you don’t expect it to be quite as amazing and beautiful as it is. Once I stepped inside from the bitter cold, I was greeted warmly and welcomed completely. I couldn’t take in the trees and colors enough, the beautiful lodge, and of course, the hospitality of Ed and Liz’s family, even though we had only just met. As she gets ready…

When discussing wedding details with these two, it was clear that they were going for a simple and intimate experience. I couldn’t help but ask some of my usual wedding day questions, as there is a relatively rigid schedule I have to follow and ensure stays on track throughout the day. You could easily say that 99% of the usual scheduling I deal with was nixed for this day. However, they were on board when I encouraged them to go with a first look if they weren’t set on only seeing each other the for the first time at the ceremony. They weren’t. I won! Haha, but really, I’m so glad we did this part, because it was the sweetest moment and you get a peek at the insanely beautiful grounds.

You can see the beauty, love, and happiness just radiating out of Liz. Every single second of this day left no doubt in your mind that we were exactly where we were meant to be. Together, as they said “I do” forever.

If you don’t know already, fall in Maine is where it’s at. I couldn’t stop looking out at this view from their wedding venue. We found all the prettiest little spots nearby that we could, and even managed to be a little late to their own ceremony. Totally worth it!

If you look closely in most of these photos, you’ll see the bit of rain we had (above), followed by the first snowfall (below). I geek out when weather gets involved while I’m shooting, because it adds an element that you can’t replicate. I love taking pictures in all sorts of weather and it couldn’t have been more perfect on this day

The famous covered bridge on Sunday River. There was actually a ceremony happening here on this day, but we lucked out and made it before anyone arrived.

Ed and Liz, you guys are so amazing. I am undeniably honored to have flown to Maine and spent your wedding with you. There were so many amazing moments, so this is the first half of what I’ll be sharing with you. I hope you love these as much as I do, I can’t get enough. I don’t think I’ll ever forget these few days, and I am definitely holding you to your word to follow your story as your family grows (someday, but Liz said it first ;))!

Check out Part II of their wedding, HERE.

  • Joyce Clouthier - October 30, 2015 - 11:55 pm

    Rikki, I love your blog and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You really captured the magic of that wonderful day. Reply Cancel

  • Rikki - October 31, 2015 - 12:10 am

    Liz looks beautiful, you can just see the love these two have for each other. Beautiful photos. Reply Cancel

  • Jan Sackley - October 31, 2015 - 2:44 am

    Stunning! Reply Cancel

  • Deb Swain - October 31, 2015 - 2:38 pm

    Beautiful work. Reply Cancel

  • Al Heilman - November 2, 2015 - 2:37 am

    A most Beautiful couple and a fantastic story tobe held in the heart forever! Thanks for sharing. Reply Cancel

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