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Spotting a sign for Buffalo Bill’s grave marker ended up being quite a sight to see! Traveling up windy roads to a breathtaking viewpoint of Colorado’s blue hued mountain-scape was the perfect place to stop and rest from the long hours we’d been driving. Driving through the Rockies in our 1982 Toyota Dolphin was quite a challenge for our little RV, and while we made it, we were chugging along topped out at 30 miles an hour.

The midwest was by far the windiest part of our trip, it was pretty  brutal at times. We still loved the vast differences the landscape offered as we crossed state to state, but after the midwest, it changed drastically again. A little bit of Kansas, then seeing family and friends in Missouri up next!

I had waited years to visit Colorado, and I knew I would love it. While planning the route of our trip, we chose a direction that would offer us the newest experiences, visiting states we had never explored before. Colorado offered endless opportunities, and we really soaked up those beautiful snowy mountains! Being from the Pacific Northwest, we loved that at every stop, the people were all ready for the outdoors. Dressed in boots and jackets, gear strapped to their cars and the cold wind having left that fresh pink coloring on their cheeks, we felt at home.

Our first stop was spontaneous, as usual, having seen glimpses of the Colorado River, my fisherman husband just had to get closer! It was breathtaking to say the least, and a first to see so much snow piled up across the water – oh how we loved it!

Having traveled across four states at this point, we stayed at our first room just outside of Vail. Needing to connect to wi-fi and have some time for our school work, allow the kids and dogs to stretch, shower, and relax for a few extra hours was magnificent amongst the fresh mountain air. It was so cool and crisp, I spent the first few hours outside taking in the mountains surrounding our cute little motel and the stars… oh they shined so bright!

We have one more stop to share with you, enjoy your weekend friends!

Arches National Park was beyond words AMAZING! My face was glued to the window exclaiming, “Look at that! Ooooh look at that one! Did you see that?” I could spend weeks, months, years exploring Eastern Utah. It was so insanely windy, so much in fact, we were cold. But that didn’t stop us at all! As we stopped to view Delicate Arch, we made a delicious lunch while the kids and dogs played, before we made our way into Moab. Which, of course, had us like kids in a candy store – so perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve already got it on the agenda for a trip for two! There was so much more we needed to see, and like most other places we’ve visited, we WILL be back!