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Cross country road trip | Arizona

One of the things we didn’t realize as we traveled across the country in our Toyota Dolphin, was how insanely windy the midwest would be. In March, it could be 80+ degrees, but you’d still need a jacket because of the wind. It was a neat experience that is quite different from where we live in Washington. Thankfully, we’re used to wearing layers, so we were mostly prepared for all weather. This was a really fun stop in Arizona, with red rocks to climb around at sunset and get out some pent up energy. The kids especially loved it! I really soaked up the warm sun and those gorgeous flares! The sunset, as we pulled away from our little spot, was just breathtaking. Those moments where you don’t know whether to keep staring or keep shooting, it was perfect. Then as we continue to chase the setting sun, we came up to mountains, and I was so thankful for those moments of pure beauty.

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