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Lauren + Jordan are having a boy!

We met at one of my favorite places to take their maternity photos. Just as we get started, I mean, within literal minutes, the sky goes from partly sunny to shockingly dark. I look out in the distance and make a comment, having to adjust my camera settings quickly. It was 23 rapid succession photos later that the rain came pelting down. We look at each other, I run for my umbrella. We talk briefly, should we embrace the rain? It could be cool. Shoot, we don’t have a plan b, the sun was out this morning! Thinking of baby-to-come, we run to our cars hoping it’ll pass as quickly as it came. We pull next to each other, I roll down my window with rain slamming into me, “How do you feel about doing this at home?” A moment’s hesitation. She’s due soon, this might be our only chance. “Sure,” they say. I’m hoping beyond all hope that I can adjust my expectations and that I’m prepared for this change. Of course I am, I have to be. This will be great.

It worked out better than imagined, I was able to capture so much of the hard work Lauren and Jordan put into their home for their precious baby Caine. From the beautiful nursery, to the What to Expect books front and center on their bookshelf, I was able to document more than just Lauren’s growing belly. Their love is still young, but it’s fierce and deep. It’s a little corny to say, I know, but you can tell when they look at each other. I think that’s my favorite part. You can tell a lot about people that way.

They were able to get comfortable in their home, even with me there. They were able to smile a little softer, relax a little more, and dream of their little boy in all the spaces that make up their home. To think these photos would have been completely different from what they are is nearly heartbreaking. I’m so glad it rained. I love these. I adore their love for each other, their excitement over their baby, and of course, Lauren’s fantastic home decor. Congratulations you two, I can’t wait to see you as parents and snuggle your baby boy soon!

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    […] Jordan, I’m so thankful to have spent this time with you. Seeing that final transition from preparing for baby to welcoming baby was wonderful. I look forward to seeing him grow and, of course, documenting his […] Reply Cancel

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